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Social network

Nomsindo was borne out of the opening gap in the South African Social Media and Digital service market. Nomsindo is the child of Ruby’s Future, a Social media Agency that started in the UK

Our name

Our name comes from the Zulu word Msindo meaning a noise . Nomsindo is a derivative meaning loud, or a loud noise. Business today depends on being seen and heard, to be successful and it is a well known concept that “he who shouts loudest gets the most attention”

Our History

We boast large third sector clients such as Scottish Autism, yet we are particularly notable for assisting and enabling affordable campaigns for small and emerging business without strangling their budget.
What we do

● First and foremost we are a digital and social media agency.

● We help businesses and branded individuals engage with their online audience using Social Media.

● Building and cultivating an online following that turns into real time financial rewards is our speciality.

● We  also build dynamic, easy to integrate and functional websites and develop Android Apps.

● We provide a Sim service to the travel and tourism industry.

● Our experience makes a difference when it comes to offering seminars and providing larger corporate clients with the information they need to make digital marketing decisions.

Why we do it well.

When offering a business service, we are sensitive to local needs and cultural norms as well as the opportunity to expand markets using social media while remaining loyal to these values. Our clients are valued as unique individual entities and therefore we do not approach any single client instruction with a one size fits all approach.