Monetising your online skills – Three ways to increase cash flow

by Every Web developer and internet professional wonders what more could they possibly do to optimise their income. If a Web developer, particularly those that work from home and are constantly competing against the cutthroat bargain offers out there, needs to optimise his/her business edge, I usually point them to the fact that increasing theirRead More

Native Ads – get up to speed

by Native advertising is a new form of ad and it’s becoming more popular every day. Unlike a banner, it looks natively on a website or an app, and often provides a value to its readers or viewers. The most common example of a native ad is a sponsored post….

Tablet Users More Attentive to video ads…

by Very interesting for social media clients. We always advise considering YouTube ads – it’s now the second biggest search engine, after all. Food for thought… Tablet Users More Attentive, Tablet Ads Generate Better Recall, IPG’s Manatt | Andy Plesser