SEO and Digital Media Is it all just a huge rip off?

by As I sat across from a Business manager this morning, I nearly collapsed on the spot when I saw what this particular organisation was paying for a single digital media campaign. As I’m one that will not hesitate to tell people that you get what you pay for, I was utterly dumbstruck by theRead More

Social Media and SEO

by Something we always discuss with our clients is just how important a great all-singing all-dancing social media campaign is for their Search Engine Optimisation. In this day and age, the Social Web is driving everything forward on line, and a static website is just never going to cut it out there on the wildRead More

Social Media Integration – Maximise Your Online Business Potential

by You have a website, and you get leads and information from this,perhaps even some data, and you might be thinking    “why do I need social media?”  and that’s a good question. After all, what else can integrating social media into your business online presence do for your organisation? How about this… Customer service.Read More

Online Reputation Management – Protect your Brand

by Recent food health scares have burst over social media like an atomic bomb. Horse meat scares have done the rounds on twitter and facebook and the other platforms and some big names have come under attack due to the way they did or did not handle adverse publicity on social media.  And it’s notRead More

How *Not* to use Social Media

by KFC is a big brand. Its known all over the world for fried chicken done to perfection using the Colonel’s secret recipe of eleven spices and herbs. Except in South Africa, where they appear to have a problem with the concept of… the chicken. Raw chicken is not good, even when coated inRead More