Tech ten minutes is back!

by Tech ten minutes is back! Our fabulous breakfast meetup is back. May 4 to May 7 Monday May 4 Is your website working for you? Tuesday May 5 Is your Social Media working for you? Wednesday May 6 DIY or pay someone to SEO your site? Thursday may 7 Making Social Media pay for itself -monetising yourRead More

How to design your social media marketing campaign

by You know how it goes…you pick up the paper, surprised by it’s weight. When you open it up, out tumbles a huge wad of advertising leaflets. We’ve all been there! The problem for businesses who still use this form of advertising is that hardly anybody reads them. The recycling bins are full of PizzaRead More

Social Media may drive more traffic to your website than search engines…

by We’ve been saying this for a while now. Well we would, wouldn’t we? we’re Social Media specialists, after all. But since Google changed it’s search algorithms, it’s interactions rather than the number of backlinks which makes your website stand up and take a bow to your customers and prospects.. Social Media May Soon DriveRead More