7 Small Business marketing Strategies


Social Media Round-up

by Some interesting articles on social media to check out… LinkedIn is still on the rise. Referrals to corporate websites are overwhelmingly due to LinkedIn, according to this article… Automotive news reports on how General Motors is the latest big company to start taking on line reputation more seriously. This  is a growing trend we’veRead More

Six digital publishing startups to watch

by We like the look of these, especially the new blogging tools. In fact, they might be set fair to take blogging to new and different directions. And thats the thing,because new technology should be disruptive… Check them out … and enjoy. And tell us what you think! Six digital publishing startups to watch

Do you need to spend more on social media?

by The attraction of social media for many is the low-cost entry. A few tweets and Facebook posts cost nothing but time. But to garner any sort of return on this time, your social media output needs to be refined and engaging. Its not enough to simply post messages and broadcast your news and products.Read More

Best tablets for 2013

by When Apple introduced the famed Retina display to the third-generation Apple iPad, it set a bar so high that the rest of the industry struggled to catch up. That’s until Google and Samsung joined forces to produce the Google Nexus 10. Incredibly, the display on the Nexus 10 has an even higher pixel density than theRead More

Apps for informal and micro business

by Nomsindo is offering Apps for small businesses from as little as R285 No you didn’t read it wrong – only R285! While many micro enterprises are disinclined to spend on websites, e-commerce and more complex digital presence, mostly because of an affordability and maintenance problem, many are acutely aware that far more people in South Africa have smartphonesRead More

Quality not Quantity-How to grow your Twitter following

by In business, Twitter is pretty ubiquitous nowadays. There aren’t many new start-ups who don’t use social media to spread the word, and existing businesses and organisations are starting to cotton on to the power of the social web. And it is just that – power. The power to get your message out to aRead More

It’s a scoop

by With content curation being high on the social media agenda at the moment, a new platform for helping with this task has just been introduced. It’s called Scoop.It and is a great big advance on other social bookmarking sites such as Delicious or Digg in my opinion, as it presents the saved or curatedRead More