Search Engine Optimisation

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Why SEO?

The three top search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing drive around eighty five percent (depending on the country) of Internet traffic.

The first ten search results returned, receive about seventy five percent of those visitors, and this drops to less than five percent by the time page three is reached.

These facts alone serve as evidence that SEO services have become necessary for serious online business. A balanced and integrated approach becomes necessary when implementing a long term SEO strategy , as well as an understanding of the PPC (pay per click) market.

A good SEO strategist will do the following for their client:

  • Raise visibility of online presence
  • Drive targeted traffic
  • Drive quality visitors to the customers site
  • Convert visitors to customers
  • Provide a value added ROI

So many people are lured by the promise of the appearance on the first page of Google. Too few ask, how long they will remain there and what it will take. We have a short article on SEO snake oil, which illustrates the problems that unsuspecting clients run into.

What many don’t realise that SEO can only be a DIY project for those that have time…. a lot of it. A healthy knowledge of PR otherwise known as page ranking,  SERPS, search engine results pages, rich content, on site and off site optimisation, a knowledge of html, image optimisation and the dos and don’t of back linking to name but a few is needed.

When we are approached to either perform an organic SEO service for a client, or repair a badly done job, we make the point that it takes a minimum of 90 days for real results to become visible. Google completes site crawls on average once every 90 days and while you can request a site crawl of your own site almost immediately, you cannot ask it to crawl and confirm all your high PR backlinks.

If a service provider tells you they can do it at a click of a button run……very fast.