Social Media strategy, services and consultancy

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Social Media services and training in Cape Town

Our Social Media services include:

● Construction and cultivation of branded social media presence such as on social networks including Twitter, Facebook,  YouTube etc, image and video platforms and also content aggregators.

● We provide ongoing brand protection, particularly for large or rapidly growing enterprises, that are experiences identity theft both digitally and in the bricks and mortar economies.

● Content management for blogs, marketing content for tweets and facebook and forum posts as well as traffic driven media.

● Crossover campaigning, reduction in spam and developing a unique brand reputation

● Integration of Social Media into core business functions such as marketing, customer service, online ordering and campaigns

Find out more about our Social media activities including strategy and advice on our blog at

When we first meet our clients, we provide a proposal which on acceptance is followed by a discovery process, that allows us to create an approach that is unique to that client.

Integration of social networks is a key element of branding and online visibility. Together with SEO , SMO correctly implemented is what brings exposure in the correct place at the right time for our clients.

We implement unique strategies and apply a local and cultural angle to meet not only the needs of our clients but also the their target market.

Identifying current trends online and also locally places out clients strategically in their specific industry to take advantage of current and new trends.

Our services include a complete service including monitoring.

Campaign development includes image and video optimisation from concept until completion. Developing text, image and video content for viral campaigns makes up a core part of our digital and online publishing business.

From developing the website, tointegrating and creating social media campaigns as well as aligning these with  a carefully thought out SEO strategy we have become the consultancy of choice for medium size enterprises and Non Profits in South Africa.