Social media consulting and solutions

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Social media consultingSocial Media consulting

Our social media consulting service includes:

Social media consulting including which social media platforms are best for your business and how to utlise them for awareness,marketing and even rebranding purposes.

● Brand Protection is critical whether you are a new start-up making waves in your industry or even an established business. Theft of Brand identity and trademarks can cause serious harm to your relationships with your current clients and also dramatically deplete your sources of new customer traffic. As part of our consultancy we advise on strategies and provide training to existing staff in brand protection.

● Both the nature and quality of your content says a lot about your business image. We advise and provide solutions for  content management for your blog, tweets and other platform posts.We also work within the ethos and culture of your business to develop media in all forms including, video,image and text to drive more traffic in order to meet your online business objectives.

● We help with crossover campaigning, both social media and search engine optimisation while helping yo to  develop a unique brand reputation

● Core to our social media consulting is the integration of social media into your customer related business functions such as marketing, customer relationship management , online ordering and awareness campaigns.

A social media consulting session provides our clients with the perspective they need on making key decisions before they appoint service providers in any of the following areas: Social and digital media, content planning and production, search engine optimisation, campaign planning and management, Analytics and PPC campaigns.

A good consultant will listen to you,  their client before offering an approach to your needs. A discovery session is usually setup, followed by a proposal and then an in depth analysis of the brief that comes from that proposal. Often businesses do not have the time, the knowledge or the manpower to deal with their own digital assets and at this point the experience and knowledge that comes from social media consulting is key to the success of your campaign.