Social Media Monitoring

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social media monitoring Social media monitoring

It is simple enough to set up a Social Media profile, but many of our clients lose their depth when it comes to  optimising and monitoring.

We offer 24/7 Social Media Monitoring from our specialist dashboards.

This enables us to plan campaigns and offer real time responses to your customers, without you having to  lift a finger.

All our social media monitoring and campaigning happens cross platform and our staff coordinate your tweets,posts and articles in a pre arranged order. We engage with your clients so that they know there is a real person behind the screen and don’t feel like just another number down the conveyor belt.

Every month Analytics reports are issued and we develop new insights into campaigns as new technologies emerge.

We also use different dashboards as we recognise that different clients have different social media monitoring needs. Amongst the dashboards that we use are:

Echofon, Sprout Social, Postling, Tweetdeck and Multi Social Suite.

We also manage campaigns using multiple resources and campaign management tools including those from Hubspot and Raventools