When it Comes to Enterprise Reliability, Not All Flash is Created Equal

by   It’s simple to think flash is flash, but enterprise flash technologies vary greatly. In the disk storage world, if you know your interconnect protocols like SAS and SATA, revolutions per minute (RPM) ratings, capacity, and mean time…

Social Media and SEO

by Something we always discuss with our clients is just how important a great all-singing all-dancing social media campaign is for their Search Engine Optimisation. In this day and age, the Social Web is driving everything forward on line, and a static website is just never going to cut it out there on the wildRead More

Social Media Round-up

by Some interesting articles on social media to check out… LinkedIn is still on the rise. Referrals to corporate websites are overwhelmingly due to LinkedIn, according to this article… Automotive news reports on how General Motors is the latest big company to start taking on line reputation more seriously. This  is a growing trend we’veRead More

All about website keywords, optimisation and search engines

by In the most recent past we’ve heard a lot about how keywords are not the be all and end all of the search engine. While the way that Google operates their algorithms may change on a regular basis it is absurd to think that what you put into the internet won’t be churned out!Read More

How do you measure the ROI ?

by We get asked all the time how we measure just how effective the social media campaigns we run for clients actually are… This is a great blog post which might give some insights into the mythical ROI measures. Of course, we use analytics tools to gain some idea of where our clients are positioned,Read More

Tablet Users More Attentive to video ads…

by Very interesting for social media clients. We always advise considering YouTube ads – it’s now the second biggest search engine, after all. Food for thought… Tablet Users More Attentive, Tablet Ads Generate Better Recall, IPG’s Manatt | Andy Plesser

Keeping Your Reputation Out of the Jaws of Social Media

by On line reputation management is becoming a big issue as the socialweb marches on. Here is another great article which makes some very good points. Keeping Your Reputation Out of the Jaws of Social Media | Small Agency Diary – Advertising Age This is why it’s so important to take expert advice from aRead More

4 pro tips for online reputation management and social media

by Another great post on the importance of Social media and on line reputation management. This has been brought into sharp focus for many of our clients this year by the sorry tale of KFC South Africa and the inept way ity deals with the massive quality control issues which bedevil this particular fast-food operationRead More

Social Media Integration – Maximise Your Online Business Potential

by You have a website, and you get leads and information from this,perhaps even some data, and you might be thinking    “why do I need social media?”  and that’s a good question. After all, what else can integrating social media into your business online presence do for your organisation? How about this… Customer service.Read More

How to design your social media marketing campaign

by You know how it goes…you pick up the paper, surprised by it’s weight. When you open it up, out tumbles a huge wad of advertising leaflets. We’ve all been there! The problem for businesses who still use this form of advertising is that hardly anybody reads them. The recycling bins are full of PizzaRead More