Web design, development and recovery

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web design

Web design and development projects:

● Web development from single splash pages to full content dynamic sites with multi level domains.

We integrate ecommerce ,payment gateways and interactive opportunities for all web traffic.

Your website design  can either support your business or damage its growth depending on the attention given to on page SEO elements.Bad web design will almost certainly result in the loss of customers, credibility and definitely income.

Allow us to evaluate your web presence and investigate new and better options available to you. Our design team provides you aesthetics combined with SEO on page optimization best practices and effective calls to action. An updated web design with professional web page optimization will increase your trust value, and ultimately conversions and profitability.

● Fully integrated mobile device functionality.

All websites developed by our team are fully responsive.This means that they can be viewed on most modern devices.

●  Social media platforms with added control to enable censorship of undesirable third party social media content

Whether we go on to manage the social media for our clients, or they choose to develop and manage it themselves it is always dashboard based. We advise on monitoring, which dashboards are best for each particular client and content management

● Brand Protection

During the process of building the digital image and visibility of all of our clients, we also help to secure a solid brand image that is instantly recognisable by  future customers. We ensure that regardless of where  in the world you are, your site complies with  all regulations and furthermore in the interests of your own protection have registered with the necessary civil bodies. This includes covering all bases from trademarks to essential copyright.

● Content development and management

In order to become visible and then to remain so, any online asset needs to offer engaging quality content, rich in quality, infused with ever refreshing and changing information that continues to draw the attention of those you seek to attract. We have the tools and the strategy experience to make this happen.

E-commerce, including integrated payment gateways

From Websites, to integration of online promotions with current systems and in mobile apps enabling in app purchases, as well as the 24/7 open shop concept, we deliver outstanding opportunity for the business that has gone digital to increase their market reach.

● Affiliate management

When businesses have online stores and run an online ecommerce interface, they often want to expand their sales reach by offering affiliate programmes. This means that their affiliates earn a commission by sending traffic to the online store and it costs the business less than paying a salaried salesperson. Affiliate management is an effective way of monetising websites.

Web design in Cape Town is available in abundance – Good professional web design is a little harder to find.

Contact us on the details below for cost effective consultancy on any project you may be considering.