Mobile Apps – Cross platform and cross device

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Get your business on every cellphone with mobile apps

mobile appsWhether you want to create accessibility for your customers for shopping online or to provide online tools or simply create an app that keeps your brand visible, you have come to the right folks.

We have created Apps with both online and offline functionality for fun (games), education, research and business. The difference that we make is that our mobile apps are functional, with easy  intuitive user spaces and intuitive.

Nomsindo assists clients with the inception of design, development and implementation concepts of their mobile strategy. Our team are experienced in the development of mobile apps  as well as the user interface design will engage with you to develop the app that fits your business snugly.

Focusing on quality software, and an honest ethical approach to the way we conduct business, our development team is equipped to develop and satisfy all your mobile needs.

We will guide you through the development of any idea, concept or solution and in defining your objectives while identifying your mobile strategy. Our solutions are holistic and flow from the inception of concept through the complete life cycle of product development including: consulting, needs analysis, story-boarding, prototyping, design, development, as well as release management and maintenance.

With mobile being at fastest growing advancements in technology, Nomsindo has a passion and drive for innovation.

  • Mobile apps help to brand your company image. Branding is especially important for small business and done properly helps them to grow. Mobile apps give your clients and customers an easy and accessible means to contact you, find your info, your mission statement and identify your (branded) logo with the products and services that you offer– all while your target customer is out and about on the move!
  • The best way to get your target market involved is to create alerts for loyal customers that have downloaded your mobile apps. This will engage returning customers, and this will tempt new customers to try your mobile apps.
  • Future payment gateways are all mobile. Large companies such as Starbucks have already taken advantage of easy mobile device payments. Enabling customers to make payments through their smartphone, provides a convenience that saves time and illustrates to them that your business is on the cutting edge.
  • You are able to keep an eye on your  business stats all the time. You’re able to monitor where and when customers use the app empowering you to personalize promotions for specific target groups in app. The excitement really builds as you watch the number of your customers grow as word of your application spreads!
  • Applications on cellphones and tablets are a wonderful opportunity to socialise with your customer online using social media. Social Networks can be easily integrated into social networks such as Facebook and Twitter thus encouraging your target market to follow you and spread the word through their own status updates.